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Healthy Eating

Here at Wetherby Day Nursery, we believe that it is important to establish healthy eating habits early on, to give children the best start in life.

The children have milk at snack times and access to water all day.
We have a lunch-time cook, Julie, who prepares a hot meal every day. The tea is prepared by staff members that have the appropriate food hygiene certificate.

We can cater for most special dietary requirements. Our kitchen has been rated ‘5 – Very Good’ (top grade), by Harrogate Borough Council on the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme.
Below are some sample meals from our four week menu:


Weetabix, Rice Crispies, Readybrek , wholemeal toast

Morning snack

Breadsticks and fresh dip, cheese and crackers, apple slices and grapes

Lunch – main course

Roast chicken, roast potatoes and cabbage
Cheesy tuna pasta bake and petit pois
Pork mince and dumplings with creamed swede and carrot.

Lunch – dessert

Fruit jelly, strawberry yogurt, homemade sponge & custard.

Afternoon snack

Melon slices, rice-cakes, raisins or bananas.

Tea – main course

Freshly baked bread with ham or cheese and salad
Fish finger sandwiches, carrot and cucumber sticks
Cheese and tomato pizza with salad.

Tea – dessert

Fresh fruit selection, fromage-frais or homemade biscuits.