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Our Vegetable Garden250x165 grumps

We have a vegetable garden where the children are supported to learn about growing plants, vegetables and fruit, with our granddad helper ‘Grumps’.



165x250 tomatoes

250x165 gardner

165x250 veg

165x250 cucumber

Policy & Information about Our Nursery

  • The Nursery is closed for Bank Holidays, and for a week between Christmas and New Year. We still charge for these days.
  • There is no reduction for sickness or holiday leave taken by a child.
  • Fees are paid Calendar Monthly in advance by cheque or standing order.
  • Notice required for termination of nursery place is one month.
  • Parents are to provide nappies where appropriate.
  • Nursery provides all the meals, which are – a morning drink and biscuits, a cooked lunch and afternoon tea. Example Menus are displayed in every room.
  • Breakfast is not provided as routine. However, children will be offered breakfast if unable to have it at home. Please discuss this with the Nursery Room Supervisor if it is required.
  • In hot weather Parents need to provide sun hats and sun cream.
  • In cold weather children require their own wellingtons, hats, gloves and coats for outdoor play.
  • If your child has anything infectious such as sickness and diarrhoea, chicken pox, conjunctivitis or a high temperature, you will be contacted immediately and you need to collect your child as soon as possible.
  • If your child has had sickness and or diarrhoea, please do not bring them back to Nursery until 48 hours after the last symptoms have disappeared. This is a Health requirement to prevent it spreading rapidly throughout the Nursery as it is highly infectious.
  • Please inform Nursery Staff of any changes to the usual person who collects your child. We need to know the name and have a description or photograph of the person and details of their car. We will not release a child to anyone who just arrives without prior notice.
  • Government funding of 15 hours is available for 3 to 4 year olds.
  • Employee Childcare Vouchers are accepted as a method of payment of fees.
  • Please inform us if your child is taking any medication and fill in the Medicine Book.
  • We have an Accident Book for details to be written and signed by Parents should your child have an accident whilst in Nursery. If your child had a major accident, you would be informed immediately as medical treatment would be necessary.
  • All staff are trained in Paediatric First Aid and are trained to deal with the Health and Safety of your child.
  • Please inform your Room Supervisor of any concerns etc. or speak to the Deputy Manager or Manager if more appropriate, over any matters.
  • A list of Nursery Policies in more details is situated in the front porch of the Nursery.